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The Brief

Many people view Thales as only a defence company - if they know of them at all. Our task was to challenge that perception and show the real Thales to students in less than two minutes.


Thales is one of the world’s leading players in engineering and technology, seeking to recruit the brightest apprentices, graduates and interns from one of the most highly sought after talent pools: computer scientists, electronics engineers, software engineers and systems engineers. Here people work on cutting-edge projects across numerous fields, and everyone has a part to play in delivering them. This became the basis both for our message and the new creative concept that would underpin Thales’ rebrand.

The Solution

Building on the idea of teamwork and togetherness, we created the ‘Together we’ concept. This featured a range of Thales’ projects constructed by points of light, with each luminous dot representing a Thales employee integral to the project’s success.

This creative execution inspired a two-minute film which featured a whistle-stop tour of the varied projects our audience might expect to work on as a Thales graduate. The format gave candidates the chance to explore the breadth of Thales’ operations and where they might fit in.

The company’s business areas are depicted through striking and immediately identifiable images, such as aircraft carriers and satellites. Products and projects affiliated with that particular business area, such as radar masts and mobile phones, are then shown through immersive transitions to illustrate how Thales’ work affects us every day. Headlines at each stage also helped to emphasise the scale and nature of the company’s work.


The soundtrack and pace of the film clearly communicates the dynamic, fast-paced environment of Thales; a bold approach that recognises what their audience wants to see and hear. The deliberate timing of the soundtrack is such that every thud of the bass line coincides with the introduction of a new business area or product.

The film can be found on the Thales website, their YouTube and other social channels, and has been used in on-campus presentations and media profiles.

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  • 100%Jobs filled
  • 60%More engineering applications
  • 37%Website dwell time
  • 8%Lower bounce rate

The new campaign has seen Thales fill 100% of their roles, receive 60% more engineering applications and double the number of internship applications. In addition, website dwell time has increased by 37% and there is an 8% lower bounce rate – the video has aided this improvement by offering richer content and explaining who Thales are in a snapshot.

Such was the positive reaction from the wider Thales Group that we also created a global version of the film that encapsulates the company’s business for candidates and non-recruitment audiences.

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