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Hungry Horse Employer Brand

The Strategy

A flagship brand within Greene King, Hungry Horse had an existing customer and employee perception that they weren’t happy with. They wanted to be seen as a great value family dining experience with customer service at the heart of everything they do.

In order to create an Employer Brand that addressed existing problems and the wider aspirational goals, we set about researching the brand from the very core. We immersed ourselves in the business by visiting over 30 Hungry Horse pubs, speaking to staff and guests, interviewing senior management, reviewing customer feedback and exit interview data, and even taking part in live training sessions.


Built on four key pillars, we created the EVP of “Raising the Bar” which expertly captures what Hungry Horse wants from both existing talent and future recruits. But it needed a creative expression that would appeal to our audience.

The Delivery

“Make My Day” is first and foremost a challenge from customer to employee. We wanted potential candidates to understand what is required of them and that there is no one definition of a great customer experience. Then we wanted to embed this culture throughout the entire employee journey.

We’ve deployed the new brand across both Hungry Horse’s internal and external communications, embedding it as a cornerstone of the culture and engaging guests and actual employees alike. As part of our campaign, we created the Day Makers. This was our way of giving the people working for the company a unique identity that encapsulated the idea behind “Make My Day”. This concept focused on finding people with amazing personalities, honesty and charisma, who inspire others, and who want to make a real difference to someone’s day, whether it be guests or people in their team.

From initial feedback it seems that since the launch of “Make My Day” Hungry Horse is changing forever.

The Measurement

To measure the effectiveness of the campaign we looked at how many applications vs hires Hungry Horse had since launching the new brand and implementing the “Make My Day” campaign. We also looked at the percent increase in revenue, as well as the Net Promoter Score and the activity across popular lifestyle and travel review sites like TripAdvisor.

In addition, we looked at how the performance levels of existing employees were affected as they engaged with the new brand and what qualities it encouraged them to develop in their day-to-day work.


The Results

So, how effective was our campaign? One of the most significant and measurable changes is the “Hungry for Feedback” programme. Guests are asked to log on to a website in their own time and complete an online survey. Previously this was very challenging. The typical number of responses in a 4 week period would be around 40 and their NPS score would be about 50%. In the 3 weeks since Hungry Horse reopened they’ve had 145 responses and their NPS score jumped to 68%.

With overall excellent feedback, it is the team who are pushing this without having to be constantly reminded to do so.

And the Hungry Horse Trip Advisor score has also increased. They have moved up 150 places in the Stoke-on-Trent rankings in the last 3 weeks.

When it comes to turning things around we think we’ve made their day.


  • 100%Vacancies filled
  • 47%Revenue growth
  • 105 star reviews on TripAdvisor in 1 week
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